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NEW Love Handles® Full Coverage Protection For Speedy 30 Handles

NEW Love Handles® Full Coverage Protection For Speedy 30 Handles

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** NOTE**. This listing fits Speedy 30 handles ***. They may fit other Speedy sizes but please measure first, and consider the dimensions as follows
Contains 1 pair/2 handle wraps

Overall Length. 9 1/2 inches (from outside handle where it attaches to hardware)

Circumference will fit handles just under 2 inches.

New HONEY GOLD PATINA™ is now available! HONEY GOLD PATINA™ is a custom colour exclusive to No Sacrifice Bags. The manufacturer of Ultrasuede® in Japan let us create a custom colour in ultra-thin Ultrasuede, and it has finally arrived!

This full handle coverage version is NOT exchangeable, so please choose colour thoughtfully.
Try on one handle only when you receive them, as they must be in unused condition to be considered for a return, due to the personal and hygienic nature of this item.

*TIP* to place on handles, start in the middle with resin edge facing you and fuzzy loop at the underside of the handle. Work your way down each side fastening velcro as you go.

US and Canadian buyers only, but I will consider shipping to other countries, so please message me.

This new version is currently patent-pending

NEW Full handle cover for Speedy 30 owners!
Now you can feel more comfortable purchasing a bag with less than pristine handles, or delay having to change your handles.

Love Handles® for No Sacrifice® protective wraps for handles and straps keep your purse handles pristine, protecting them from oils, perspiration, and dirt, that darken and rot leather.
Protect your Birkin, Kelly, Bolide, Picotin, Alma, Artsy, Noe, Neverfull,vachetta leather handles and straps.

To your purse; perspiration is a dirty word.
Love Handles® wrap around your handles and straps like a second skin providing a barrier against hand lotion, oils, perspiration, dirt and day-to-day grime.

Studies have shown that the dirtiest and germiest part of a handbag is the handles.
Imagine what hand lotion, your own natural salts, oils, and perspiration (that guy with the clammy hands you shook) are doing to the handles on your beautiful bag?
Each and every day, this stuff deposits, and accumulates, causing your handles to oxidize, darken and dirty, as the leather slowly rots, and deteriorates. The fact is, body oil rots leather, and even the cleanest hands deposit body oils on everything (or forensics wouldn't dust for finger and palm prints, lol) we touch.

Imagine if you could easily protect your handles and straps from this constant damage.

You can.

Patent-pending Love Handles provide the layer of protection you need to help your handles and straps stay in pristine condition.

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