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LOVE HANDLES ® Venetian Plaster

LOVE HANDLES ® Venetian Plaster

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Handles are always the first to go!

Hand lotion and sanitiser are not the only things that damage our handbag handles.     Our body's own natural salts, oils and enzymes work against leather causing it to darken degrade and rot!   Fingers and palms leave their prints behind, to accumulate each time you pick up your purse.  Prevent your handles from becoming a crime scene with Love Handles protective wraps for handles and straps!    At the end of the day, week, or month, simply wash away the evidence.   Germs and dirt disappear!   

Love Handles®  easy to use, machine washable handle covers, protect handles from the daily grime that deposits, keeping them clean and pristine. 

Now you can purchase that great deal pre-loved with less than perfect handles.     

Hide the evidence of already darkened handles and prevent further damage. 

Maintain the condition of your bags for higher resale value.

Perfect for travel and hot humid weather.  

When you’ve sacrificed to own your bag, looking after it should be No Sacrifice®

Patented Love Handles are made from 100% recycled, and or plant based Ultrasuede® brand microfibre.

Not sure which size fits your handles?

Love Handles sizes are based on the circumference of handles and straps, so measure all the way around your bag handles or straps.

Do you have a fabric tape measure? A ruler will do too.

You can use a piece of string or ribbon and wrap it snugly around your handle/strap (like you would measure around your finger for a ring size) just until the ends meet. 

 Now measure the length of the ribbon/string.

All Sizes are just over 4 inches wide, so it's enough to span and cover the area where an average size hand would hold.   Discreet protection that won’t hide the beauty of your leather handle

Size 00 fits handles up to 1 1/4” in circumference

                 ( Neverfull, Birkin 25, Garden Party 30, Plume)

Size 0  fits handle up to 1 1/2” in circumference

                ( Birkin 30)

Size 1  fits handle up to 1 3/4” I’m circumference

                (fits Birkin 35, Lindy, Speedy 30)

Size 2  fits handle up to 2” in circumference

                ( Kelly 25, Kelly 28, HAC)

Size 3  fits handle up to 2 1/4” in circumference

                ( Kelly 32, Kelly 35)

Size 4  fits handle up to 2 1/2” in circumference

Size 5  fits handle up to  2 3/4” in circumference

              ( Artsy)

Size 6  fits handle up to    3”       in circumference





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