Purse-World Problems™ How To keep The Shape Of Your Bags

Purse-World Problems™ How To keep The Shape Of Your Bags

You’ve just purchased your new bag, and as you remove the tissue and air packs stuffed inside, you wonder if you should keep them? This is a question many of us struggle to answer. If it’s an expensive luxury brand such as Hermes and Louis Vuitton, it can be impossible to toss away any part of the packaging.     

I struggled with this problem too, and kept every box, tissue paper, and ribbon that came with my bags.

I  always kept my bags stuffed with the original wads of tissue, until the day I discovered to my horror and revulsion some silverfish living and obviously thriving inside one of my bags! I immediately threw away every bit of paper stuffing in every bag I owned. How they got inside my bags is still a mystery, and I’m happy that I’ve never seen another since.     

I no longer keep any pest attracting paper products inside my bags.  

I tried stuffing my bags with tee shirts, towels and fabric samples I had on hand, but this was a far from ideal solution.   

I searched online and purchased several different purse stuffer pillows which were brand and model specific. Although some were very attractive, I didn’t care for their bulkiness, or having to replace them once the moisture absorbing material expired. The thought of a pillow full of moisture inside my bag freaked me out too!     

One day as I was packing for a trip, I pulled out my Loro Piana cashmere travel pillow. 

I debated taking the little inflatable pillow form that comes with it, when an inspiration hit me.

The little inflatable is perfect for preserving the shape of my travel pillow cover after washing. It weighs nothing, and deflates flat so it takes up no space at all in a suitcase.  

I immediately thought it would be great to have a form like this inside my bags, a form that could be adjusted in size so it never overstuffs , or pushes and deforms the shape of a purse. Something that could be inflated a little, or a lot.

And in an instant, S.O.S. Save Our Shape inflatable purse preservers were born.  


S.O.S. Save Our Shape®  are so easy to use. The pale pistachio green inflatable is super strong, and the included silky champagne cover allows them to slip easily  in and out of your bags.

They come in four sizes and can be mixed and matched to fill practically any shape and size of bag. 

They also look attractive sitting on a shelf while your purse is in use. So if you’re ready to say goodbye to bulky, smell absorbing pillows, why not try   No Sacrifice Bags SOS Save Our Shape purse preservers?   

Finally, inflation that you can control!

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